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Resources for Faith Community Nursing are numerous. The Internet lists thousands of sources.  In addition, a Faith Community Nurse Mentor network exists in South Florida through Catholic Charities, Interfaith Health & Wellness Program.  To visit a local congregation or nursing outreach center to mentor or volunteer with an  experienced Faith Community Nurse, please contact IHWA at (561) 345-2000 or email:

Information on denominational, professional and independent websites are available through the Eden Bookstore, the official bookstore for the Church Health Center  Many resources for use by Faith Community Nurses are available through the Church Health Center. including books, dvds, pocket size blood pressure cards. The Health Ministries Association also has many resources available. 

Below is a list of books, videos, websites and articles that provide an easy and comprehensive overview of Faith Community Nursing practice.  Many of these resources can be "checked out" through the Interfaith Health Wellness Resource Center (click here for the IHWA Lending Library.)


American Nurses Association. Faith Community Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice. Silver Spring, MD: American Nurses Association and Health Ministries Association, Inc., 2012.

Hickman, Janet S. Faith Community Nursing. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins, 2006.

Solari-Twadell, Phyllis Ann and Mary Ann McDermott. Parish Nursing: Development, Education, and Administration. St. Louis: Mosby, 2006.

O'Brien, Mary Elizabeth. Parish Nursing: Healthcare Ministry Within the Church. Boston: Jones and Bartlett, 2003.

McNamara, Jill Westberg. The Health Cabinet: How to Start a Wellness Committee. 2nd Edition. St. Louis: International Parish Nurse Resource Center.

Patterson, Deborah L. Essential Parish Nurse: ABCs for Congregational Health Ministry . Sparks, NV: Pilgrim Press, 2003

Presbyterian Church USA/Office of Health Ministries. A Congregational Guide: Beginning and Implementing Parish Nursing and Health Ministries. Louisville, KY: Presbyterian Church Press, 2004.

Arson, Verna Benner & Koenig, Harold G. Parish Nursing: Stories of Service and Care. Chicago, Il.: University of Chicago Press: 2002.

Maheady,Donna (2003). Nursing Students with Disabilities Change the Course Available at EP Bookstore


Denominational Health Ministry/Parish Nursing Models:

  1. Adventist - Adventist Health: Parish Nurse Program

  2. Baptist -

  3. Catholic -

  4. Episcopal -

  5. Jewish -

  6. Lutheran -

  7. Methodist -

  8. Nazarene -

  9. Presbyterian -

Faith Community Nursing/Health Ministry:

  1. Church Health Center -

  2. University of Maryland -

  3. Marquette University -

  4. The Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry -

  5. Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health -

  6. Shleimut Institute – meaning “wholeness” -

  7. The Health Ministries Association –

  8. Iowa Nurses Association –

  9. Florida Nurses Association (FNA) –

  10. American Nurses Association (ANA) –

Other Health and Wellness Resources:

  1. AARP Health and Wellness –

  2. Administration on Aging –

  3. Medicare –

  4. National SAFE KIDS Program –

  5. US Dept of Health & Human Services -

  6. Palliative and end-of-life issues –

  7. Vitamins, dietary supplements and herbs –

  8. -for nurses and nursing students. Provides links to disability related organizations, equipment, technology, mentors, employment, financial aid and related articles

Videos & DVDs:

Belleau, Marilyn and Solari-Twadell, Ann. Introduction to Parish Nursing Video Program: The Congregation as a Health Place, The Roles of the Parish Nurse, and Getting Started. St. Louis: International Parish Nurse Resource Center.

Presbyterian Church USA/Office of Health Ministries (24 minutes). Congregations Who Care: The Ministry of Health and Wholeness. Louisville: Presbyterian Church USA.

Presbyterian Church USA/Office of Health Ministries (12 minutes). Life Abundant: Celebrating Health, Healing and Wholeness. Louisville: Presbyterian Church USA.

Wylie, James. Ministry of Health in the Congregations (44minutes). St. Louis: International Parish Nurse Resource Center.


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  2. Parish Nursing: Building on the Spiritual Dimensions of Nursing Care for Our Communities, by Sara Courson, center

  3. Iowa Nurses Association | Parish Nursing in Iowa - Features Parish Nursing in Iowa. The Parish Nurse Movement has been active in Iowa since the early 1980's.